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Green Power Associates adheres to the highest industry standards, to transform clients' residential and commercial spaces, into healthy, sustainable, and energy-efficient environments.



We will be the premier provider of Energy Efficiency solutions in New York State, by mitigating comfort and energy concerns. We will create a healthy energy efficient home, possibly in as little as 2 days, for our valued customers! Thus, ensuring a safe and sustainable environment.

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Why Green Power Associates?


As a Building Performance Institute [B.P.I.] Gold Star Accredited Company. We are the recipient of several accolades, most notably - A recognized member of the DOE and EPA “Century Club,” recognized by NYSERDA for “Outstanding Performance by a Contractor,” the recipient of a Proclamation from NYS Senator Kevin S. Parker for our commitment to energy efficiency.

We are not your average contractor that comes into your home and insist that you need window replacement, a new furnace, or wall replacement. We at "GPA" are not trying to just sell products, we conduct very comprehensive energy audits, identify problems and work with property or homeowners, to find a solution, that best addresses their concerns. We look at the house as a whole system with inter-dependent parts, we understand that many factors, may affect and contribute to the building's comfort, health and efficiency, or lack thereof.

The end result is to find a simple and cost-effective solution. Every house is unique and as such, presents different challenges. We listen attentively to the concerns of the homeowner and will use the best available building science technology, to find the right solution, that will offer the best resolve and solution.

Some of our diagnostic methods include the use of a blower door, to measure the amount of unregulated air that enters and leaves the home or property, an infrared camera to identify issues within the walls’ cavities, a duct blaster to discover if there’s a leakage within the furnace’s ductwork. These tools along with others play a very integral part, in helping us determine our findings. This sets a benchmark for the initial current conditions, also referred to as the testing-in. Once we perform corrective measures, i.e. air sealing, caulking, weatherstripping, insulating, etc. We test again, this time with improved results. This is known as testing-out.

This process of testing-in and testing-out is similar to a doctor’s visit, where a complete physical is conducted, a diagnosis and recommendation is made, then a health care solution is implemented, the progress is monitored until the treatment has worked.

A house is like your body, it is a system with inter-dependent parts; the building shell, the boiler/furnace, an air conditioner, the duct delivery system, the lighting system, and so on. By looking at all these parts we can figure out how to make the entire system work cohesively, effectively, and efficiently.

Give the dedicated staff at Green Power Associates, the opportunity to heal your house and transform it into a healthy home, providing many years of comfort, safety, efficiency, and increased value.

Become another of our satisfied customers.

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